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  1. Hi

    Trying to Install EaseUS Todo PCTrans

    1. Unpack and install
    2. Don’t run
    3. Block all out going connections with firewall (Important)
    4. Use RZ4QH-EBUY6-X5N7Y-5JF4X-VVSCF to register
    5. Open keygen and insert machine code
    6. Now use the generated activation code to register.
    7. Done.

    These were the instructions I got with crack

    However I have followed them to the best of my ability and it does not work.

    Was wondering if I could get a more comprehensive set of instructions on how to install this.

    Running Win 10

    Thanks in Advance!

    • Hi there robert, it seems problem with instructions but please try these as they are from the downloaded file.

      1. Unpack and install
      2. Don’t run
      3. Block all out going connections with firewall (Important)
      4. Use given key (inside info) to register
      5. Open keygen and insert machine code
      6. Now use the generated activation code to register.
      7. Done.

  2. I am new to this, but every application I am interested in, when I click on the download links I get some completely different website. Example, I tried downloading Emurasoft Emeditor after reading the information that comes with the software, click the link but gets http://mediavex. This is with all the application I try downloading. What’s the solution? Fred.

    • Hi fred, alot of the directs to download links and even 4realtorrentz use ad’s which is most likely the problem you are having. I have just tried this link i hope it helps.

      PS. Introducing an ad-blocker will help solve the issue you are having. Some may prevent use of adblock but most links on 4realtorrentz will not.

  3. Many thanks. can you recommend an ad-blocker. if I want to how may I make a modest money contribution for the valuable way people like me are given information so we can download software to try before we buy. I would not want to use credit card or any traceable banks. Again many thanks.

  4. Greetings once again, I noticed your site has no https enabled. I’d like to suggest as a solution to this. It’s free, and open source. It provides a free SSL/TLS certificate so that you can enable the https protocol.
    Also, thanks for the active uploads here 😉

  5. I downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium + Crack, and dont understand the point 3: Add to hosts file (So doesn’t block activation). So i dont know how to activate it.

  6. hi i was downloading filmora edit software and i was given a code but all of the codes were inactive, i have no idea how to activate it can anyone help? thx

  7. I downloaded DLL files fixer and unlocked it, but it won’t let me use the dll installer, only the registry scanner because it says the registration is expired. I tried disabling the internet but it won’t let you do anything without it on.

    • Maybe try the other version with crack. I believe the key has failed, will try post an updated version with new key.

  8. i notices that you use ads to generate revenue. well here is a link that i was redirected to:

    this is why we use ad blockers. cause the ones that are paying are using nonsense like above to robe people. your not alone. i’ve fould this same trash on others as well. please be more careful n who you sell redirects or ad space to. they’re the ones that give file sharing a bad name.

    • Nothing suspicious found in the link given. There is ad’s but i try to correct any misleading links. No ad blockers are disallowed.

  9. Hi I need some help I download the problem AVG Driver Updater and no keys came with the program at all… I need the keys so I can register product and use the program..

  10. trying to install your glasswire pro, ran crack in admin mode as required, crack says cannot find file, and will not crack. any ideas?

    • Guessing that maybe a process is still running. Make sure nothing is running before you try patch and run patch from the installation directory as administrator. Don’t try update either.

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