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  1. I downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium + Crack, and dont understand the point 3: Add to hosts file (So doesn’t block activation). So i dont know how to activate it.

  2. hi i was downloading filmora edit software and i was given a code but all of the codes were inactive, i have no idea how to activate it can anyone help? thx

  3. I downloaded DLL files fixer and unlocked it, but it won’t let me use the dll installer, only the registry scanner because it says the registration is expired. I tried disabling the internet but it won’t let you do anything without it on.

  4. i notices that you use ads to generate revenue. well here is a link that i was redirected to:

    this is why we use ad blockers. cause the ones that are paying are using nonsense like above to robe people. your not alone. i’ve fould this same trash on others as well. please be more careful n who you sell redirects or ad space to. they’re the ones that give file sharing a bad name.

  5. Hi I need some help I download the problem AVG Driver Updater and no keys came with the program at all… I need the keys so I can register product and use the program..

  6. trying to install your glasswire pro, ran crack in admin mode as required, crack says cannot find file, and will not crack. any ideas?

    • Guessing that maybe a process is still running. Make sure nothing is running before you try patch and run patch from the installation directory as administrator. Don’t try update either.

  7. Hi,,,,I,am new on your site.. and I’am trying to dowload some stuff….programs and software……but everytime I,ve try and click on the download,,,,it brings me to another page where I have to download lots & lots of other programs that I dont need and can even get to the one I want.. lol may you hepl me pls Tks MAXX

  8. HI,,,,,I,ve download the program call Malwarebyte anti malware 3,0,6 premium,,,,,looks all good and install it,,,,,after the first scan done ,,it retunrs to the FREE VERSION,,,,and is not premium anymore,,,,is it normal !!!

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