This section for taking requests.

Post any request you may have by simply adding a comment, please make sure it is a suitable upload before requesting and give as much detail as possible. I will do my best to make sure as many requests as possible are fulfilled. Please give it time for a reply and no spamming. Thanks, 4realtorrentz.


  1. Hai Menin,How r u friend.
    i am regular customer to you man.
    can you please upload, idoo file encryption pro 8.1 with crack/serial key.
    thanks a million advance.
    waiting for reply.

    • Hi there, i’m sorry you feel that way. We try keep quality up and cover many different types of software also including Android and others. We’ll try and get more requests done but some just aren’t possible. If you have a request ask away.

  2. Hi,
    I request you to please upload a clean version of the latest Malwarebytes (which includes no keygen/crack or host file edits), but only includes a list of keys for activation.
    Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.

  3. Hai M3nin,How r u friend.
    i am regular customer to you man.
    can you please upload, Express vpn crack/seriel key and also send the link to my email
    Thanke your help will be appriciated

  4. Please post program Egosecure it is a full disk encrypt program.
    need to crack program and find keys and/or make keygen program
    This is a cool program using FDE and works also with YubiKey for Second Factor ID.


  5. Hi,
    Thanks for all hard work! Really much appreciated!
    Is it possible to crack Seer 1.3.0 available at
    This software let you preview files in windows with space, just like in OS X.

    Hope to be hearing from you soon,


  6. Happy new year, i wish you all a ton of torrents 😉

    Now, for the request; NetBalancer seems to be a bit outdated, the newest version being 9.8.*.
    It would be great help if you updated the torrent/uploaded the new version – i am also taking suggestions on possible alternatives to this program, but only for win operating systems…

  7. Hai bro .. please upload Leawo iTransfer 1.9.1 or latest version … i am regular visitor of your site .. thanks in advance.. i have this LEAW_ITRANS15_FER16_WIN04 giveaway key but not working now ..

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